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Watching an obscure image is annoying for anyone. If it regards with your business, with the poor-quality product’s images you never expect a good conversion. However, every author wants to use bright and shiny photos with high resolution for his or her business. But the problem is you don’t always get HD quality images from the sources, and sometimes there is some restriction to use pictures due to copyright issue. Generally, you can use medium resolution images for your website, but in the case of printing, you need a vector conversion service of your pictures. Printing your file with low-quality images no doubt you will be frustrated with the quality. In this article, we will clear your confusion about Raster to Vector conversion. Just stay with us.

Raster to Vector

Being increasingly implemented for various purposes, the value of customized images is high nowadays. The raster images are formulated with pixels and fixed resolution, which cannot have the sharpness after getting cropped or resized for different uses. We can convert the raster to vector in a classy way which will help you to use an image wherever you want without being blurred or faded.

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Vector Line Draw

Vector line has been used significantly for both online and offline purposes. This type of line is drawn through an illustrator for product shaping, architectural designing, using-manual, industrial and electrical sectors. Therefore, drawing quality vector line is on high demand. We offer to provide you with the best vector line according to your needs like a zigzag, dotted, blurred, sketch, outline drawing, etc.

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In the business sector and corporate world, the logo has earned huge preference in terms of its impact on economic and advertising benefits. 

A logo works like the identity of a company. So, it has to be unique, 

authentic, precise and adjustable. 

Our expert designers will create your vector logo, which will be editable, scalable, accurate, visually stunning and perfect to fit wherever you want.

Logo design service


Vector character has become intensively famous for wide usage on animated TV programs, banners and even on the logo. So, smoothly designed character is essential for stunning visual attraction. We have come up with professional vector designing service to draw or convert the portrait and sketchy outlines. These vector characters will be perfect for commercial or personal use.

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What is Raster to Vector image conversion?

Before going in details about the raster to vector conversion you should have understood what is raster and vector.

Raster images are made of pixels, and they are resolution dependent. As a result, when you zoom in or scale out the picture, they become fade and tear up. That’s why raster images are not fit for print.

On the contrary, vectors are mathematical curves and not dependent on the resolution that is why you can manipulate them at any size. Vectors are fit for the print version.

So, it is a procedure to convert an image fully pixelated free for use in digital or print media with desirable size and entirely without any tear up. Usually, when you need to print big canvas sized products like the roll-up banner, signboard, logo, catalog, billboard, packaging of products, brochure, flyer, poster, animated banner or other graphical items you have to use vector file for quality assurance

Which software do we use?

Though you will find a lot of software regarding this service, among them Adobe Illustrator is best for its user interface. And we provide you with the vector file through both AI and EPS file. During printing, you need the EPS file and for editing AI file is the basic one, and you can easily modify your images if you have the general knowledge of illustrator.

What are the Advantages of this Service?

Through raster to vector conversion, you will get a lot of advantages. Among them, we have pointed out some of the essential features.

  • First of all, you can print the file in any size and resolution. No need to compromise with the dimension for quality.

  • Modified vector images are free from roughness and vulgarism.


  • With a vector file, you will never face the problem of loss feature during print.

  • Vector files are the combination of artwork. And you can use it in various purpose like leaflets, newspapers, manuals or wherever you want to be.

  • Another interesting feature is you can turn around when you need to convert the files from vector to raster.

Our principal service regarding raster to vector conversion

Generally, we convert any photo to vector as we have a very expert and practically experienced team. Beyond that, we point out some universal service regarding vector conversion.

Raster to vector conversion

Raster image files are often used to print, but the output is not high for its quality. We work on every pixel in raster file to convert it into vector files.

PNG, JPG, PDF to vector

These file formats are commonly used, but they are not suitable for print. For better output, we convert your images of any file extension like this to the vector file.

Bitmap to Vector

The bitmap is another favorite image file in the digital world. We convert the low-quality image, artwork, illustration or picture in the vector for quality output.

Scanned image to Vector

Usually, printing of scanned file or images is robust for its quality. If you have this kind of record, never hesitate to communicate with us. 

Vectorization of Logo

For removing background and printing purpose, you need to vectorize your logo or other similar artwork like this.

Bulk image conversion

If you are a media or advertising agency, you may need the bulk edit. And we can provide this type of service as we have the adequate human resources.

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Why should you trust us?

No use of automatic software like Vector magic

We believe in quality rather than quantity. You will find a lot of service provider who use automated software to convert your file, but the output will not be significant.

We respect your emotion, and we are committed to being honest with our clients. That is why we always provide you with the hand-drawn delivery with the main file.

Super-fast delivery

Though it is a time-consuming task, we can deliver your functions in your expected time. Because we are a combination of professional teammates who love their works.

If you need emergency delivery, we can fulfill your demand. For this particular case, you have to inform us before placing your order.

satisfaction guarantee

Intelligentclippingpath is a professional image editing service provider who has done this job successfully for the last few years. Though it is tough to satisfy everybody for every single case, we can assure you on the most circumstances. Our trained experts are professional as they understand the demand of our clients. So, they do their job with great care for every single time.

However, you may not like in some cases. But do not worry. We are exceptional from others in every perspective.

Our exclusive revision system makes you happy if you have any problem with delivery.

Spanking Communication

You know, great communication results from the great output in every case. We believe in teamwork including our clients. We follow your direction for every single image and one of our team members always update you on your projects.

Data Security

We respect your confidentiality and security of your data. So, we care about your image files and never use it as portfolio without your permission.

High Accuracy

We ensure 100% accuracy both in the work and delivery files.

Affordable service

As we are a team and have a proven procedure that allows us to provide the service at an affordable price.

If you have any questions regarding image editing, please contact us.