Privacy and Policy

This privacy policy contains the whole process of interaction between and its respected clients. is very strict about its policy. We respect the
confidentiality of your images and intellectual property. That’s why we
ensure 100% safety of your property.
By using this website, it means you agree with our privacy and policy.
Accordingly, we update and this page from time to time for providing
better service and building a relationship with our clients. So, it would
be great to check this page on a regular basis and become a proud part
of our changes.

Information we compile

The following information we need to proceed-
 Your Name
 Details contact info as well as the email address
 Your Contact Number
 Demographic info like zip code
 Name and URL of your company
 and other relevant info

Why do we need to collect your information?

We need to collect your details information to improve the cookies of
our website and to ensure providing the possibly best service to you.
Besides this, there are some reasons to collect your data. Here is a brief
list of the items.
 To use the data to enhance our merchandise and services.
 To send promotional mail with new offers bundle in the given
email address so that you will be updated with the latest deals.
Your information is needed to research how to improve the
service. And we will contact you later through your mail, fax or

Using your images

We never use any of your pictures commercially or even for the
promotional purpose of our website. And you will be happy to know
that we never publish and store your images without your permission.
But we save the photos which you have provided for the free trial, and
generally, we use those pictures for the promotional purpose as well as
for portfolio. However, if you don’t allow to use your trial images,
please email us in So, it entirely
depends on you whether you approve or not. We honor your decision.

Security issue

As a professional image editing service provider, we are committed to
keeping your personal information secure. We utilize the practical
protection measures to protect your data against abuse, modification or
loss of your data.

Do we use Cookies?

Yes, we do.
Now the question is why we use cookies? We use cookies so that we
can identify the specific areas of our website where you have visited. A
cookie is not a big deal. It is a small piece of data that have stored on
your personal computer or smartphones by the browser — the main
aim of using cookies to ensure the quality browsing of our website. And
we never use any bug to collect your information through cookies.
However, if you don’t want to allow cookies, you can disable it from the
function of your browser.

Links to different websites

Another important and interesting fact that our site contains the
connection of other similar types of the website based on some criteria.
By clicking on this link, you will go to the particular website. They aren’t
the spammy website, but we have not any control over those websites,
and we don’t have any management over those sites. Usually, they are
our affiliate partner. This privacy policy may not apply to those sites. It
would be great to check the individual websites for their privacy policy
before purchasing or getting their services.

Updates of privacy policy entirely reserve the right to modify the
privacy policy at any time without any declaration. You should check the
system regularly to become updated. If we change our policy, we will
announce it on our website. And we will notify every person who is
related to this website by mail or any other methods. Every time, when
we change the policy, we will mention the modified date. And the
change will be effective from the revised date.
Do you have any questions regarding this privacy policy? If you have,
please contact us to share your valuable thoughts with us. We give the
priority of your feedbacks because best service and client satisfaction
are the priority of our business.