Photoshop Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is a popular and well-known technique of Adobe Photoshop to separate the subject from its background. The method is also known as Photoshop clipping path. You can’t use your raw images directly in other applications due to the presence of odd or irrelevant background.

That is why, as an entrepreneur, photographer, artist, designer, or web professional, it would be very beneficial to you having explicit knowledge of the clipping path.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool indeed to process the photos and design. In this article, I will give you an in-depth concept of Photoshop clipping path.

Without further ado, let’s explore

Basic Photo Clipping

The basic clipping path includes the simplest photo. This type of image requires a single and simple path for proceeding. 

Since this type consists of the most simple pictures like a round, rectangle, or straight curves, they don’t have any holes.

The perfect example of this type of image is mobile, laptop, ring, ring, spoon, egg, and other similar stuff.

photoshop clipping path

Simple Photo Clipping

A simple clipping path includes a bit difficult photos than the basic. This type comprises curved product images with holes. Some particular jewelry like earrings, rings, shoes, watch digital products, etc.

photoshop clipping path remove background

Medium Complex Photo Clipping

The medium clipping path includes more complex images than a simple clipping path. In this category, the image includes more anchor points, multiple holes, and multiple curves. A perfect example of this category is group shoes, group jewelry, group food, motor parts, and similar kinds of stuff.

photoshop clipping path transparent background

Complex Photo Clipping

Complex clipping path includes all the complex and compound designs, product mages like furniture, group people, furry image, jewelry item, net, cycles, and any group images. In short, this category includes many embedded transparency or holes and many paths.

clipping path image

Super Complex Photo Clipping

This is the most complicated category. Professional image editors use this technique, especially for images with multiple holes or embedded transparency, rough edges, and various anchor points. A perfect example of this category is decorative jewelry, furry group image, eCommerce product album, and others.

clipping path services

Multiple Clipping Path

If you want to change a particular component of any image with the change of color, opacity, filter, multiple fillings, effects, then multiple clipping path is for you. We provide this service primarily because this category’s application is confined into a few types like e-commerce products, fashion catalog, web template, GIF & Flash composite animation, fashion catalogs, and others.

clipping path company

What is Clipping Path?

As I mentioned earlier, the Clipping path is simply a process to erase or remove the background of a photo.

Suppose you have an e-commerce website where you sell various types of products. Then, what is the crucial point for your store?


Without any doubt, it is your product’s image. It’s a widespread phenomenon when your potential customer comes to your store; they observe the product image for the very first time. If the product images are not attractive and professional enough, they can’t create the buying intention of a buyer. So, ultimately, you will be looser and will never get the expected sales.


Hence, what can you do to overcome this situation? The answer is straightforward.

Just make your product images catchy and professional so that they can grab the attraction of your potential buyers. Then the chance of selling will increase naturally. Yes, you know, the sales do not depend on the outlook of the product only. Anyway, in this case, the Clipping path is the solution to make the product images catchy, stunning, and professional. This example does not apply to the eCommerce product only but also applicable to all other web resources. 


 Why is the Clipping Path important?


I think it is needless to mention the importance of the clipping path. Because I believe you already know the values of the clipping path. 

However, I just want to present the current situation of the eCommerce industry. 

The market for e-commerce was increasing by 14.9% in 2019, only in the US. And the consumers spent 601.75 billion dollars in Online in 2019. So, you could easily understand the current situation of this market. Without any doubt, it is more profitable than other physical business, but you have to face a tough battle against your competitors. I just want to give the example of some giant e-commerce startup like Amazon, eBay, Ali express, and others. 

What is their secret? Yes, they ensure product quality, delivery in time, and customer supports. 

But this is not at all. You could have the best physical product. Nevertheless, if you can’t professionally present your products, you will not survive in this field. So, there is no alternative to spend time on your presentation. And it is straightforward to learn also.  


Where to use it? 


 Well, the clipping path is a closed vector path that is done by Photoshop software. To create any type of design like the following, you need to use this type of image. 


> Magazine
>Book cover
>E-commerce industry
>Web elements, and so on


How can I create a Clipping Path in Photoshop?


Since the clipping path refers to the background removal of images, but you can’t do it correctly with the help of automated software. In most of the cases, it is a manual process. Photoshop is the most powerful image editing software in the world. Most of the professionals use Adobe Photoshop for editing purposes. You can do the simple clipping with the help of pen tool. Using the pen tool is a matter of practice. The more you practice, the more you learn.


Let’s dig the simple process for the Photoshop clipping path. 


Step 1: 


1.Open your Photoshop application and load the desired image that you want to edit.


2. Duplicate the original copy. It is just for security purposes. If you lose the quality of your image while editing, then you can use the duplicate copy again. So, it is vital. Please note this step. 


3. Then select the pen tool from the tool section. Now create an outline on the expected area of your image with the pen tool.


4. After drawing the complete path around the object, go to the Layers palette >> Paths panel.

Paths panel has its tab, then click on the triangle-shaped icon.


You will find it on the top right corner of the panel section of Photoshop.

Then, hit the “Save Path.”


5. If you do it successfully, then follow this step. 

Now, select the “Clipping path” option from the same drop-down menu. You will find a new dialogue box. Just make sure the path is selected and click ok.


6. Now, It is time to save the clipping path. Then go to the File Menu>>save as. Choose Photoshop PS file to save.


Also, you can save the file by pressing Ctrl+ Shift + S. 


You can create clipping by other software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. In that case, the procedure will be different.


What are the Purposes of Clipping Path?


From 2015 to 2020, 70% of business has been expanding to the online besides the offline. And you know, Visual art and graphics are intimately related to every online company. It is amply impossible to create a successful business without the perfect use of images and graphics. So, the value of image clipping patch or graphical presentation is not confined to the eCommerce sector. It covers all the online business. 


Here I will briefly show you the versatile use of visual arts in business to daily life. Let’s roll the ball.


Attractive Outlook:


The main aim of the clipping path is deflecting your ordinary image to a visually attracted and professional one.

You know the first impression is the real fact for your business.If your images are not catchy, unclear, and odd-looking, the chances of sale will be minimized.


Clipping path is the best solution to remove the background. Also, you can change the background and make it transparent or create a replacement with a better and matching background. It will play a significant role in your business, whether it is online or offline.


E-commerce website:


Only the owner of an e-commerce site knows the value of the professional product images for his business.

If you have your own business, my suggestion is to be attentive to the product images. You have no idea about how it can boost your business in a short period. For example, you want to sell something like neckless. But the background of the neckless is chunking.

It will ultimately reduce the attraction of your buyer since the product is valuable and prominent.


Visual graphics:


Branding elements are the x-factor for your business. To create a professional branding element, you must need transparent images. If you use a background containing images, the quality of the entire project will be lost. That’s why you need the perfect background to remove the photo for your branding kit.


Colour correction:


During the clipping path, you are allowed to change or correct the existing color with a better one. It is called multi-masking. Absolutely it will bring more professionalism to your image and increase the chance of sale also.


Professional photography:


Clipping path is a frequently used term for professional photography. The removal of unwanted background is urgent for a professional look.


You can easily remove the background of your photo with the help of pen tool in Photoshop.

However, keep in mind that when your image object contains fuzzy edges then you have to go for an advanced masking service.



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Who are the Clipping Path service providers? 


If you are too busy to do the clipping path of your images yourself, you can hire a professional who is dedicated, service providers. Though the clipping path is easy to do, it is time-consuming in some particular cases. 

So to make yourself productive and give time in the researching sector, it would be fine to depend on the professionals. 


Well, you will find a lot of clipping path marketplace. But all of them are not worthy, indeed. Among the Freelance marketplaces, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are the top leading. You will find a lot of top-rated sellers here. 

But in these marketplaces, you have to pay extra charge the authority like 20% of your payment for the work. It is an additional burden, indeed. In this case, you can rely on us. We don’t claim ourselves as the best clipping path service provider in the market. You have to chance to judge our quality. If you are happy with the quality and payment rate, then you will continue. This is as simple as that. 


Why us?


Intelligent clipping Path is a combination of proactive, diligent, and professional team members. Our motto is to ensure you the best and top quality service (whether it is Photoshop clipping path or other graphical services) and your satisfaction.


We follow these steps to ensure the quality-


  • Taking Orders from you.

  • Process the Image. 

  • Quality assurance by visualization.

  • Delivery.


This filtering process helps you to get the best output of the work. 


What about the Delivery process?


We understand the value of your time. As we are a professional team, we are sincere and determine to fulfill the condition of the contract with our honorable clients.


Generally, we deliver our project within 24 hours. If you need express delivery, then please contact us. We are also available for urgent projects. In this case, you need to pay extra.

What about the Pricing?

 Our pricing system is evident and fair. There is no hidden charge here. 


 You will get a reasonable price along with high-quality works. Please note that we have a discount offer for the bulk images.


What about communication and revision?

 We believe in excellent mutual communication because of well communication results in sound production. We have a dedicated communication team. They will always inform you of the progress of your project.

You are always welcome to ask any question related to your business. We are very strict about the quality of work. Usually, our clients are happy within the very first delivery.


 On the contrary, if you are not satisfied with the delivery, we are open to fixing your problem until you become happy with the work. we care about our clients. 

 Final Notes

Now we are at the end of this article. I hope you have understood the value of the Photoshop clipping path for your ongoing business. And, at least you have learned the basics of a clipping path in Photoshop.  If you are looking for the best clipping path service, you could consider using it. Because we have been providing clipping path service in Bangladesh for a long time with significant positive feedback. So, we are confident enough in our skills to offer you quality service. Last but not least, we are determined to deliver you the best service in the market. Of course, at a reasonable price.