Photo Background Removal Services

Photo is an inseparable part of a business. Whether you are selling products online or offline, you have to go for high-quality images for your service or products. But having a high-quality product photo is not enough. You may disagree with me. But let me explain first about background removal services. Say, you have an HD product photo with an odd background. Is it acceptable?

However, photo background removal is simply a process of removing the unwanted background or change the background of the photo. Here, we use some unique techniques to make the image livelier on a transparent background or another solid background.

Being a busy photographer or business holder, it is impossible to deal with all the images. So, you could rely on IntelligentClippingPath. We provide world-class photo background removal services for several years.

Basic Background Removing

Basic background removing includes the image that has less than six anchor points and needs a single path. That means a model that comes with simple, rectangular, circle edges without any hole. Mobile, egg, ball, plate, book, ring, spoon etc. need basic background removing service. We add a transparent background for the product photo flawlessly.

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Simple Background Removing

Simple Background Removing including the images that have a few curves and anchor points along with many simple paths. This type of image comes with embedded transparency and many holes. T-shirt, camera, jewelry (bracelets, earrings, ring, necklaces), shoes, wristwatch, chair etc. need Simple Background Removing service.

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Medium Complex Background Removing

Medium Complex Background Removing service includes the images that have more curves, anchor points and multiple paths. There will be many holes and embedded transparency here, like the previous category. Group foods menus, group shoes, group watches, motor parts, and group jewelry are examples of a medium-complex background removal service.

product background removal services

Complex Background Removing

To remove the complex object of the complex photos in photoshop, we use a complex clipping path. For example, furniture, Chain, group people, group jewelry (e.g., Bracelets), furry doll, group images, cycle, nets etc. need complex photoshop background removing service.

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Super Complex Background Removing

Images that come with embedded transparency, vertical or horizontal curve, multiple anchor points, closed paths, needs super complicated background removing service. Group photos, fabrics, decorative chains, trees, furry images or hairy images need to apply this advanced technique in Photoshop.

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Making Transparent Background

Very often, especially in the eCommerce products, you may need a transparent background of your images to upload on the eCommerce website. Transparent background Photoshop service includes all of the types of images that have an odd background.

transparent background

Sky Replacement

Images with a bright and shiny sky are mandatory for the real estate agency especially. But sky replacement service in Photoshop is not confined only for the real estate photo. This category is for you if you want to make your image natural with a vibrant sky b background.

Sky Replacement

What Is Photo Background Removal?

Actually, photo background removal does not mean only removing the background of a photo. It is more than background removal. The primary aim of photo background removal is to grab the attention of potential customers.

Since background removal is mainly used in the eCommerce product, the photo must look natural and realistic. So, we apply the different techniques of background removal in photoshop to make your product image livelier and eye-catchy.

Why Do You Need The Image Background Removal Service?

These days, product images play a vital role in the eCommerce business. You can not expect a good result if you don’t have an eye-catching product image because the consumer has no chance to examine the products physically. That is why attractive photos are the key to the eCommerce business.

So, Here Are The Benefits Of Background Removal Service.

Skyrocket Your Conversion

It is not possible to get a suitable background during shooting time always. Also, the background differs from product to product. So, what can you do then?

In this case, the Photoshop background removal technique is fruitful. If you upload a product image with a perfect background or at least with a transparent background, it will grab the attention of potential clients. Ultimately, you will get a higher conversion.

Save Your Time

Background removing is not rocket science. It is very straightforward to do. Most of the professional photographers know about background removing. By practicing, anyone can do the job.

However, it is easy to do for a few images. But when you need to fix a bulk amount image, it would not be a good idea to fix all of them yourself. In this particular case, IntelligentClippingPath could be the right choice for you.

What Will You Get From Us?

We never go through an automatic process. All of our teammates are professional and they provide service in the different marketplace for several years. Everything is handpicked here.

We Work To Boost Your Engagement

You will get a lot of online tools to remove the background of images. But BG removing is not only remove the unwanted part.

It is a powerful marketing tool. If you want to convert your visitors to buyers, there is no alternative to engaging visual elements.

We not only remove the background or adding a solid background; we fix the focus of your product images.  ensure the maximum output for an individual project.

Perfect Delivery

Primarily, we work in the Adobe Photoshop tool. You know it is a sophisticated professional designing tool. We work until we get satisfaction to us. Since everything is handpicked here, you will get the perfect delivery for every image.


Quality work

We guarantee the best quality for our clients. Everybody from our team is well experienced and committed to providing top-notch delivery.

Quick turnaround

We provide support to our clients 24/7. But in the emergency, our standard turnaround time 2 hours

Response time

You will get a prompt response for any query. Our standard response time 30 mins.

 Who Is This Photo Background Removal Service Suitable For?

Well, the photo is the universal language. Everybody needs to work with images at this time. However, this professional service is suitable for the following people.

  • Online business owners
  • Professional photographers
  • Real estate agency
  • Magazine and newspaper
  • Printing press
  • Webmasters

In short, who needs to handle bulk images for his business.

When To Use Background Removal?

We need to use the Background removal technique in some particular cases. Here are the main fields.

Ecommerce platform

Ecommerce sellers need Background removal service badly. You must upload the professional version of your images if you are selling products in a reputed platform like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or Aliexpress. Otherwise, they will not allow it. Moreover, your sales depend on the first impression of your product also.

Transparent background

In some particular fields, you might need the transparent background of your images. Background removing is a quick process to attain a transparent background.

Grabbing the attention

To grab the focus of your potential clients, you need to upload the focus part of your product. Uploading all of your products in the same image is not a good practice.

Showcase the special features

Say you are selling furniture. If you just upload the front view, your customer can not get a complete idea. Background removal service helps you to showcase the particular features from a single image.

Remove odd background

Even most professionals can not capture the best image with a suitable background. You can remove the unwanted part of your background with background removing techniques.

Long story short, to make your images stand out and eye-catchy Photoshop background removing could be the best way.

When to use background removal?

If you have images with compatible background, you don’t need to remove the background. To avoid the background removing the hassle, you could use an artificial background while capturing.

remove the background
remove image background
product background removal services

How Can Background Remove Help Other Photoshop Services?

Actually, removing the background of images is a broad term. We can remove the background by a different process. It depends on the quality of the image and the purpose of the picture. Clipping path, Photoshop masking, deep etching services are almost the same.

If you do not actually understand which procedure you should follow, you could send your sample images to us. Our support team will inform you’re the best way of fixing the errors of your image.

Categories Of Photo Background Removal Service

I have already mentioned that we can remove the background of images by some different methods. No matter which software you use for removing the background. However, adobe photoshop is the best option. Among all the background removal features, clipping path, and photoshop masking is the best for perfect output.

We differentiate our service into some specific categories based on the complexity, procedure, image quality and product photos. Probably, you have noticed that at the upper section.

Final Thoughts 

Long story short, photo background removal service is suitable for the people who are too busy to handle image processing. You could rely on IntelligentClippingPath to get the best service at a competitive price in the market. Our dedicated support team is always ready to update your query. SO, let’s get started the initial processing.