Image Masking

No matter where you use your product’s images like print or digital media, attention and focus on the pictures is the key to the success of your business. Impressing your clients at the very first time with the professionally edited images allow you the best conversion. Today, quality matters everywhere. Around 40% of people like to see a picture with a white or transparent background.

For a busy photographer or the owner of a business, it is a time consuming and troublesome matter to change the background of every image. Professional image masking service provider like Intelligentclippingpath can be your right partner to overcome this situation.

What is image masking?

Masking is one of the advanced types of image processing. It is used to remove the soft and blurred background especially the portion of hairs or furs. Photo masking is a creative and little bit complex way to manipulate the image. In most of the cases, masking allows you to adjust and tweak the mask later if necessary.

It is indeed a time consuming and need skill and patience to remove the complex background of an image. To remove the background, we use the hand-drawn pen tool and then g for the advanced technique.

If you want to do your image, then the opportunity is available. Play with the tools of photoshop like a magic wand, pen tool, eraser, and the color combination palate. Proper implementation of these tools with technique results in you a perfect photo.


Which tools are mostly used for masking?

Adobe Photoshop is the most frequently used software for masking and editing related work for its super cool feature and user interface.

Who needs the photo masking service?

If you need to remove the background of an image having hair or fur, advance image masking will provide the best result then the clipping path. It is indeed a hard task to edit a bulk batch of images. It is not only a time consuming but also need patience and skill. It is mandatory also to make the photo, real looking after editing. That’s why you need the photo masking service.

Professional photographers who need to isolate the products from the image and remove any scattering things from the frame, photo masking is the best solution. Advance masking helps you to create natural, uniform and consistent image for your clients or your brand both in print and digital version.

For e-commerce site owner, who has not enough time to remove complex background masking service helps them to get extra time to concentrate on the other sites of the business. Moreover, without professional editing, you can’t expect a good conversion for your products.

What are the types of masking?

It is tough to sort out the types, overall three types of masking are familiar.

1.Layer Masking

When it is about layer masking, most of us think about the photoshop layer masking. Layer masking is used to hide or reveal the portions of the image or to change the opacity of the specific parts of the image. If you change the opacity of the layers from the opacity palates that you found in the top of the layer palate in the photoshop, the opacity of the whole image will be changed. By layer mask, we can make any part invisible with dark shade or partially visible. By the painting with a black brush, the background will be transparent. Moreover, painting with a white brush allows you to get the previous condition. By using the soft brush, you will get the smooth edge.

2.Clipping Mask

Clipping masks are a process where using one layer to determine the visibility or transparency on another layer. For clipping mask, you can place a segment on the bottom of the targeted layer to apply the transparency. The behavior of clipping mask and layer mask is a little bit contradictory.

3.Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is a little bit different from the layer or clipping masking. You know, to remove background you must think from the different angle for different images. The difficulty level of all photos is not the same. Sometimes you need to remove the background from images that have the scatter hair or furs. In this particular case, alpha channel masking is very helpful. You can easily remove the background with the alpha channel if the quality of the image is excellent. However, it is difficult to use the alpha channel for a beginner.

In brief, to remove the background with the alpha channel, you can use the channel palate to see which channel gives the more contrast. If it is a red channel, then you can duplicate the channel and paint the new channel with black color. Then the next step is to inverse the black color to white and white to black. By using dodge and burn tool the edge become smooth. You can also apply color decontaminate option from the menu. Before applying color decontaminate, it is safe to duplicate to the layer because it is a destructive process. Sometimes you get a fantastic result from it. Alpha channel masking is a vast subject. It is a brief discussion only.

Why you need photo masking?

Though photo masking is a little bit time-consuming work, you need it because-

  • It is a non-destructive process. You can go back to your original image smoothly.
  • You can make a collage of different image by using it.
  • You can take advantage of the clipping mask.
  • You can modify your images as you wish.
  • It is easy to edit, and it is a just hidden and show method.


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