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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a famous metaphorical phrase. But this metaphor does not apply to every part of life, especially in the online business. Of course, quality matters in the end, but without an engaging presentation, you can’t hook your clients. Image masking is the process of removing the background of the image to make it eye-catchy and straightforward. Though image masking is a simple process, it takes time for perfect output. Moreover, it is quite impossible for a busy photographer to do bulk Photo masking or capturing images in a white background always. So, you can rely on Intelligent Clipping Path to save your time and get the perfect output at a reasonable price. Anyway, in this post, we will discuss everything about image masking in the latter part of this post.

Layer Masking

Layer masking is the most common type of photo masking tool in Photoshop. Even when someone mentions the image masking, we consider it as layer masking. Anyway, layer masking is a hand-selected process where we usually hide or reveal a particular part of images by using masking features of Photoshop.

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Clipping masking

Clipping mask is one of the powerful and most refreshing features of Photoshop. Using a clipping mask, we can put an image into another shape, or even into the text.

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Alpha Channel Masking

Layer masking and clipping masking both are very easy to apply. You can do these by just some clicks. But Alpha channel masking is an advanced process of masking.


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What is Image Masking?

In Graphic design, Image masking is a simple process of removing the background of the image by hiding some portion and revealing some part of an Image. Adobe Photoshop is the perfect tool for image masking. That is why people also call it Photoshop masking.

Though you can remove the background of an image in a different process, Image masking is one of the most convenient methods for its non-destructive features. That means you have the chance to tweak the photo in the future. 

Types of Image Masking

There are a couple of ways to remove the background of an image in Adobe Photoshop. All of them allow you to separate the background and place the image on a new background.

Anyway, among them, usually, we practice three different types of image masking. Here is a summary of them.

So, Why Do You Need Masking Service?

Image masking is a non-destructive process

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that image masking is a non-destructive process. So, here you have the flexibility to use the same images in another project without any hassle.


Moreover, image masking is just a hide and reveal the process. Here, we only apply the brush and masking techniques. So, later when you need another portion of the image, you could quickly regain it.


Also, masking is not very hard to do. You could quickly fix small errors in the future without taking advice from the expert.


Work with both Text and shape


Image masking allows us to work with both text and shape. Which means we can easily insert and image to shape or text.


To create attractive and creative posters (movie posters, product banner etc.), image masking is a frequently used tool.

So, if you are looking for an advanced task, image masking could make your job easy. 


Multipurpose use

Image masking is not confined in just removing the complex background of a product image. As a photographer, you could understand the value of image masking.

For example, you could consider collage images. It is a bit hard to do a collage image of different backgrounds. But by applying the tricks of photoshop image masking, you could easily create something unique and attractive in a few minutes.

So, You could bring your project to the next level by applying the tricks of image masking. 

Who Needs Image Masking Services?

If you are a professional photographer or are selling products online, image masking service can indirectly boost your sales and revenue. You might think I am exaggerating. But believe me, I am not.

Let me explain why. Image masking is unlike other Photoshop features. If you have furry or hairy images on the odd background, you can not expect good feedback from your audience. People look at quality user experience while browsing something on the web. So, if you promote something that doesn’t grab the attraction of the audience, you will be a loser in the long run.

Another point is a tight schedule. A person can’t handle all of the business tasks in a single hand. Yes, you might have the skill. But if you do all of your stuff, ultimately, it affects your productivity.

So, whether you are doing online or offline business, you need attractive visual elements. Image masking is a part of producing eye-catchy components.

If you have bulk images and don’t have enough time to do the perfect masking, you could rely on us.

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When To Use Image Masking

You should have a clear idea of image masking. Otherwise, you will not get the expected output. Image masking is useful in the following cases. To sell the product in the giant online market like Amazon, Walmart, you must comply with their requirements. In this case, image masking helps you a lot. To remove the background of furry or hairy images To remove the knowledge of transparent products, image masking is effective.

When Not To Use Image Masking

When you have sharp images, clipping path is better than image masking products that have a similar background color of its own.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Intelligent Clipping Path doesn’t believe in groundless talk. Our motto is to provide the best service to our clients. You know there are different ways to edit an image. We apply only the best matching technique for an image. Every photo is different in appearance. So, it is not possible to do the job only by applying hard and fast rules. In any type of service, first, we analyze the image. Then we try to measure which technique suits that individual image/ so, here there is no automation process. Everything is hand-picked. Most importantly, we continue our work until we get satisfaction. Then we deliver the order. Last but not least, we are always open to revision. So, we are open till the moment you don’t get your job correctly done. We are confident in our skill and our commitment is commitment.