Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is a creative process of assembling different types of the image with the touch of graphic design. Combing the pictures with the real look is a highly artistic skill. Even the most experienced eyes become convinced and impressed. Among all the photo editing service, image manipulation service is the most creative field. Here, the designers can implement their innovative idea and convert a simple image into a special one. That’s why it is an excellent source of motivation for creative designers. If you are looking for the best online photo manipulation service, here Intelligent Clipping Path is ready to help you in manipulation with other photo editing service.

Creative Manipulation

The graphical representation is part and parcel of any advertisement. And there is no need to explain the influence of advertising for any business especially for e-commerce in digital platforms. Creative retouching includes the manipulation of beauty, fashion or advertisement photos. The most creative part of this part is combining more than two images to a single image with extraordinary thinking. For this output, sometimes, 3D graphics effects are used both on the front and back part for enhancing the unrealistic view. This type of retouching has great importance for commercial purposes like for the promotion of products or services.

image manipulation service

Technical Manipulation

It includes the general manipulation of photos like the contrast, white balancing and sharpness of the picture, adjustment of colors and removal of noise and defect from the face as well as the background. So, technical retouching means the manipulation of the restoration of the image.

creative manipulation

What is photo Manipulation?

There are a lot of uses and meaning of Manipulation. Nowadays, manipulation refers to the image or photo editing with the help of software like photoshop.

So, we can say that image manipulation is a practice that involves the transformation or alteration of single or multiple photographs to get the desired results. As it is the combination of creative thinking, it is not the task of general people who have not the grand design sense.

What are the Types of Photo Manipulation?

Basically, in this digital world, the photographers take the shot by the digital camera and put them instantly in the computer for editing because Using of raw images in professional purpose may be the reason of losing the audience. That’s why using the advance option of photo editing software on the personal computer, Tablets or graphics pads photos are manipulated to enhance the attraction of its. Sometimes, even the printed photos are scanned for this purpose. Designers often use the Stock photos from the online database for editing purpose.

For photo manipulation there are lots of photo editing software you will find. One of them, Adobe Photoshop is a frequently used software. Working on transparency, contrast and another parameter of photos until getting the desired formation is named as photo manipulation. After the whole process, it is tough to identify the original one. Nowadays, Photo manipulation is a recognized artwork throughout the world.

Based on the procedure, it has several types.

digital manipulation
easy manipulation

Which software is best to work?

Across all over the world, photoshop from the renowned company. Adobe is the most popular software for manipulating work. The interface of photoshop is very user-friendly for the designers. It is indeed compelling and swift for some extraordinary feature and paid Plugins. Our designers are well trained and certified on Adobe Photoshop with many years of practical experience on image editing.

What are the applications of Manipulation?

Photo manipulation has a wide range of implementation from the business purpose to the political issue. As it is a creative artwork, the application varies from perspective to perspective. Here in this article, we have covered the uses of photo manipulation briefly. Let’s move on.

E-commerce website

As an entrepreneur, you must know that from early 2000, there has a revolution in the field of business for the availability of the internet. Today, 70% of people in the USA, fixed their desired products before going to markets. That shows that how important the presentation of products. With the help of photo manipulation, you can present your products in the desired way. It increases the attraction of audience, and that will ultimately help to improve your total sell.

Social media and cultural Implementation

In the photography industry, the popularity of image manipulation is growing for its unrealistic output. Especially, on a various cultural and family program. Digital photos are the permanent memory to everyone. Many of the people love to do something exceptional and unique on it. For them, Photo manipulation Is an excellent alternative for their outstanding memory. Besides for the business owners, it is a real opportunity to promote their products with attractive looks by the help of photo editing software.

Photo Morphing

It means getting a single photo from the modification of two more. By cropping and extracting the best part of the picture and removing the unwanted area, the designers get the expected or desired output.

Creation of Photo Collage

A photo collage is the combination of different photos with a different background. Generally, to create an album of

traveling or products photo, it is handy for unrealistic presentation.

Photo Blending

Photo Blending is an advanced work of photo manipulation. Generally, it is sufficient for the products images. It is needed to apply gradient and layer mask effect to create various advertisement materials like posters, brochure, book covers, and products packaging.

Besides this, we provide the following services.

  • Removal of wrinkles and spots removing, replacing or adding objects.
  •  Adding watermarks in images.
  • Transferring of red-eye.
  • Background Replacement.
  • Adding or removing people in photographs.

Our special feature

  • As we are professional photo editing agency, we are comfortable on different file formats like PSD, AI, TIFF, GIF, PNG or JPEG. We are expert in changing one file format to another.
  • We are expert on the latest version of photoshop and use the plugins for smart output.
  • We are very strict on the quality of works. That’s why our clients believe us and refers others to take service from us.
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