Ghost Mannequin/Neck joint Services

In this digital world, you can’t avoid the use of the images from your daily life to your business whether you are a photographer, an entrepreneur or a general people. As the use of image multiplying with time, color correction becomes a frequently used termed. Usually, it means the modify or convert along with of an image or the specific area of its. It isn’t mandatory to correct the color for all of your photos, but minor change can create a big difference for a certain one.

Professionally color corrected images allow you to get the concentration of your potential buyers. It will enable you to improve the hue quality of the picture, and a balanced change of color parameter make your image fresher and more attractive that is the key to success in every aspect of a business.


Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is an innovative way of photo editing done through Photoshop software and deals with photos of different products like shirts, skirts, and pants. This mannequin service is also a part of modern advancements like eCommerce. This service removes the mannequin or doll from the clothing photo but retains all the body parts in the invisible human body shape.

Ghost Mannequin


Ghost mannequin photographic service is a very important editing method for presenting photos of different women accessories. Different kinds of Bra have different styles, which may not present a nice gesture on a doll or mannequin while being used as an online sample. We will provide you perfect ghost mannequin photography by retaining the Bra’s blotted shape, angles, and outlook.

photo neck joint service


A jacket is a popular outfit which has different fashionable styles. The neck joint-ghost mannequin services can be an ideal concept for advertising or exhibiting a jacket. Our expert team will do this more convincingly. We will make a hollow figure through Photoshop and correct the shape, tone, and other features. Finally, you will have a perfect view of the collar, sleeves, hind-seam shoulder, and chest fitness.

easy neck joint services


The shirt is an excellent product in fashion designing, randomly used on a doll or mannequin to show the actual body shape. Through the ghost mannequin effect and neck joint service, a shirt can present the view of its collar part, shoulder sides, sleeves, cuffs, and chest panels within the invisible form. We will also do the additional edits.

ghost mannequin effect


Pant is a popular men’s product that is randomly used for the eCommerce sector. So ghost mannequin service is handy for the proper visual display of the photos of this product. Therefore, we will remove the mannequin and maintain the fit look on the waistband, belt loop, front pocket parts, crotch point, side seam, inseam, which give a pleasant impression to the customer.

neck joint photoshop


Ghost mannequin photography or editing service applies to several other items like T-shirts, short pants, gowns, sweaters, underwear, cardigan, belt, blazers, etc. Even the photos of accessories like jewelry, shoes, scarf, and sunglasses have been used for the ghost mannequin effect as they are also getting displayed on artificial human structure. Therefore, this mannequin service will provide extra focus on the product photos.

ghost mannequin photo editing services

Neck joint-ghost mannequin service

Before buying any clothing and accessories, a buyer wishes to see the product intensively. Therefore, an attractive way of presenting a product has been a significant concern for a long time. Consequently, hiring models or actors for a cloth’s practical display is used by several brands and fashion houses. But this has always been a costly way of product presentation. The use of dolls or mannequins has become a great alternative to that expensive way of product display. The world is getting modernized, and technological advancement creates an expanding scope of online business and digital marketing. These eCommerce platforms deal with the product photo. But the image of a product with a mannequin does not suit the online community. This is where neck joint or ghost mannequin service can be the ideal solution. Such a service under image manipulation  will help you to create a product photo in the invisible human body form.

Neck Joint Service:

In the world of eCommerce and for the advertisement at different platforms, Neck Joint service is beneficial nowadays. It is a product photo editing service that intends to prepare the photo of cloth by creating a perfect back part of the neck section, which primarily gets erased along with the mannequin structure under it. This service is. A model or doll is used for a cloth to give it the actual shape and look to make that product attractive. But the ghost mannequin editing process portrays the cloth missing the background of the neck. Therefore, the neck joint service edits that missing neck part photo to be adjusted precisely like the original structure. 

Ghost mannequin effect:

Whenever we plan to display a clothing product, we want to represent the whole product in the pattern of the actual shape. For this reason, a doll or artificial figure is used for the live view of a product’s actual body structure. But in the online commercial community, the picture of cloth with a simulated feature does not have positive acceptance. In this case, the process of the ghost mannequin effect creates the image of a complete clothing product in the exact structural form even after the erase of the mannequin underneath the product. For this service, several photos of all the body parts of the product are taken from both the front and back. Then the photos are marginalized with the Photoshop editing software in order to display the existing view of only the product itself. 

Invisible Ghost Mannequin:

Invisible ghost mannequin is a creative photo editing process that will merge several photos of a product’s different parts in such a way that will present the view of particular clothing or other wearable things in an invisible human structure. This kind of edited photo creates a feeling within a person where he or she can imagine themselves wearing the product. Through this process, one can generate an increasing amount of customers, and at the same time, there will be the maintenance of goodwill. 

Significance of hiring professionals:

Learning the neck joint-ghost mannequin photo editing methods and applying the knowledge all by yourself is not impossible, but this may risk the quality you intend to fix on your product photos. Experienced professionals of this type of photo editing service always think one step ahead in such a job. It is not just about skipping the sample doll. Rather, the product photo will require several additional adjustments throughout the activities. Seeking a professional’s service is very important in this work as they will make sure that your product photos may contain all the stunning qualities to be applauded by the consumers.

ghost mannequin effect
ghost mannequin retouching
invisible ghost mannequin

Why choose our service?

Being a professional service provider, we are determined to provide you the best neck joint-ghost mannequin service. Some different sites and pages provide this photo editing service, but you can easily choose us apart as:

  • We use advance Photoshop software for our work.
  • Time means a lot for a business, so we ensure the best quality service within the shortest possible time.
  • We will not just fade away the mannequins rather make all the supportive corrections the product photo will need.
  • Our service cost is very modest, compatible, and worth the investment. 
  • Our policy is absolutely customer-oriented. So, spontaneous customer support is our supreme policy.

The uses of Neck joint-ghost mannequin service:

It is very normal that you may have some doubt about the potential benefits of such neck joint-ghost mannequin services. We want to ensure that such special editing services will provide numerous usages on specific products like different clothes. As the photo of a product on a mannequin may be used for multiple purposes, the mannequin removal and product restoration editing services are incredibly significant these days.


As the present business trend has come to the online platform like social networks and web pages, authentic photos of clothing products are compulsory in the eCommerce economic sector. But a mannequin based photo may not provide a good impression while it is used on virtual technologies. Therefore, the financial benefit of the Neck Joint Ghost mannequin service is notable. 

Professional photography: 

Professional photographers also deal with different kinds of product photography. Consequently, such photography plays an essential role in the image production of the clothes of other brands. But such photographs, including structural dolls, cannot be applicable to all the sectors. Neck Joint -Ghost mannequin services have come with the solution as it can edit the professional clothing photos by removing the mannequin and restoring the missing parts professionally. 

Fashion house requirements: 

Fashion houses are choosy about their every step towards designing and presenting outfit products. So the renowned companies of this sector deal with high definition photos for their business production and advertisement purposes. A service like a ghost mannequin effect can be very beneficial for the growth of customers’ appreciation and attraction as they will have a unique visual presentation of a cloth.

Garments sector: 

Nowadays, the garments sector is getting modernized, and they are approaching towards the combination of online and offline business. Being related to foreign buyers, the ghost mannequin effect has become handier in this sector. This particular industry has greater scope to present their products through this technological support. 

Advertising agency: 

The tradition of product advertisement has changed quite a bit. Advertising agencies are moving toward the online world. So, photo editing mannequin services have a massive impact on the growth of this particular sector. 

The benefits of Neck Joint Ghost mannequin service:

Saving money: 

If you want to click a photo of a clothing product for the purpose of display, sale, or marketing, there should be a human structural form. That is why many of the brands hire professional models for the product-oriented photo shoot. This obviously requires a significant amount of investment. On the other hand, the product with a mannequin is not a good thing to be presented online. So the editing service for creating hollow clothing photos will provide a perfect figurative image in a cheap way.

Improvement of the photo quality: 

Through the ghost mannequin effects, you will get a suitable- publishable photo and a high-quality view of the object. Correction of color, erasing of spots, retouching the total shape, and lighting up the focus all the improvements are additional benefits. 

Attracting customers: 

The biggest benefit you can expect from such advance product photo editing service is the buyers’ extensive attraction. Without being irritated by the visibility of the mannequin, a customer can have clear ideas of the constructive look of cloth. This makes the photo attractive and appealing. 

As we have analyzed above, ghost mannequin service has become a popular photo editing trend nowadays. This service deals with several products like shirts, pants, jackets, bra, trousers, gowns, shoes, sunglasses, skirts, belts, and even jewelry accessories. The clothing products are presented with their bloated feature in a hollow background through this photo editing process. For smartly promoting your products, contact our professional team and choose the service you prefer to have.