E-commerce Image Editing Service

Our lifestyle has changed with the availability of internet. From early 2000, A great revolution has taken place in every aspect of the business. Now, we can do such things staying at home which can’t be imagined from 20 years ago. The definition of business has entirely changed. Nowadays, E-commerce is a trendy business model. If you evaluate the list of the wealthiest people in this universe, you will see that most of them are from the tech industry like Amazon, Google, Facebook or others. Day by day the valuation of e-commerce industry is growing up. To become a successful online startup holder, you need unique and smart products as well as their stylish presentation. Where e-commerce image editing may boost up the task. 

Shadow Creation

A product photo must have an appealing outlook. Consumers and viewers seek original presentation of a product. Shadow creation works effectively for bringing the essence of originality on an image. We render the product photo editing service by working in premium Photoshop. We can create additional, natural and original shadow effect, mirror reflection and artificial product shadow as per your requirements to create intensity.

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Product Photo Retouching

A great finishing touch will prepare a high-quality product photo before being used on your eCommerce platform. Therefore, retouching has significant value while editing a product photo. Our product photo editing services include smoothing, removing spots, getting rid of blemishes, highlighting and several more magical touches through the best software. The retouch will make your product photos more productive and exclusive.

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Product Background Remove

Alongside the main objects in a photo, background plays a significant role. An unexpected background can quickly destroy the true beauty of an image. Our expert product photo editors will remove the unexpected background and set a new motif on the photo to make it eye-catching. We work with advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to provide you PSD file for comfortable use.

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Cropping and Resizing

We use product photos for eCommerce, advertisement and personal purposes. Primarily, this kind of image is clicked with a specific dimension, size and resolution, which may not be compatible in all sections. In that case, our professional product photo editing service can crop and resize your product photos, maintaining the combination and balance. Thus they can easily fit your desired adjustments and placements.

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What is E-commerce photo editing?

E-Commerce is a platform where products images are displayed on a website. Anyone can purchase or order the products with the advantage of home delivery.

As a seller, there is no need to describe the importance of photo quality of your products. You know, the first impression is the last impression. So, the presentation and quality of a product photo should be good for attraction and positive impact on the buyers.

Mainly, there are three steps to produce a quality product photo. They are pre-production, production and post-production respectively.

Pre-production is the preparation of capturing photoshoot. Production is the photoshoot itself. And post-production is the editing part of the photo like clipping path, manipulation or masking of the images.

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Why do you need editing of your images?

As an entrepreneur or a startup holder, you should be clear why you need improved quality photos for your business. Here, we have briefly discussed some essential points for e-commerce photo editing.

1.E-commerce sites need visually attracted and high-quality images

Failing to display superior quality images on the websites certainly hurt on the performance of any internet business. Everybody wants to buy quality products for better performance. Modification and editing of models boost the level of trust and buying tendency of your potential customers. Sometimes little editing like the slight correction of color, making shadows, retouching of images, manipulation or clipping path makes your products images more attractive and perfect.

2. Customers want to see products before buying its

It is the most common tendency for every person to justify the products before the final decision of buying. Here is no doubt, professionally edited photos are the most prominent issue for e-commerce business. When someone comes to your website, at first, they notice on your products images or other graphical items. In this case, the first impression is sensitive. Buying decision depends on the very first look. So, here is the best chance to convert your potential buyers to as regular buyers with professionally edited images. 

3.customers overlook the watery images

It is not possible to take the best shot for every product due to environment, light and others factors like camera problems. That doesn’t mean that your product is terrible. But unfortunately, this type of dull images never brings the expected sales of your products.

That’s why avoiding the wrong message it would better to upload edited photos instead of raw images. Sometime, A poor quality image may be the hidden cause of losing potential customers as they overlook or dislike the low-quality feature photo of products. Using finely edited photo o instead of raw one would be good.

4.Bad impression for the brand

Usually, when a potential customer overlooks your website for the mediocre and lousy User interface of your site, it creates a not only a wrong impression on your products but also on your brand value. Ultimately, your total brand value will decrease after the reputation of the same things. And eventually, it will increase the bounce rate of your website. As a result, it will be hard to rank on the search engine like google as they give priority on the user experience. That’s why you need outstanding quality and professionally edited images.

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What types of e-commerce photo editing service do we offer?

Intelligentclippingpath is a professional photo editing service provider with many years of experience with 100% client satisfaction. As we are licensed and trained, we provide every type of photo editing works with the latest version of photo editing software like adobe photoshop. Most importantly we offer the PSD file so that you can easily edit or modify your images without any hassle. Here is a little discussion on Our Mainly focused areas of photo editing.

Clipping Path

Clipping path means the removal of a background of images. Using an image with horrible background make it noisy and tasteless.

Shadow making

Shadow making is a process to present the products as real looking and attractive to potential buyers.

Photo Retouching

Digital photo retouching is necessary for lousy quality product’s images due to some factors like darkness, cheerless, fadedness or other issues.

Image Masking

Masking of the image especially like hair masking is used to remove the background from multiple objectives like hair or furs smoothly.

Colour Correction

It may be needed to change the color of images due to particular reasons. Sometimes color correction brings a real and attractive look.


Photo manipulation is transforming or alteration of any photograph to a desired and beautiful look. Creating an appeal to the customer is the main objectives of manipulation.

Raster to vector

Raster means the low-quality image which would be scattered during print or zoom. On the other hand, vector images will not break into pixel whether it is zoomed or printed.

Image Restoration

Physically Image restoration is very rare and expensive service for the print photo. But for the digital images, it is not as hard as the physical one.

And whatever you want.   

Why should you Outsource for editing E-commerce photo?

  • Great things never are done by a single person. It isn’t possible to do all the stuff by yourself.
  • When you consult an expert, you can expect the individual services.
  • Editing is not only the use of photoshop, but it is also the combination and execution of some plans.
  • You will get enough time to concentrate on the other sides of your business and so on.

As E-commerce is the combination of both presentation of products and delivers the best goods, obviously image editing demands your concentration. For any query, please contact us.