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Clipping path is a very familiar term to the professional photographer and clipping path specialist. As an entrepreneur, you should have the sound and clear knowledge about clipping path service so that you can grow up your business. Clipping Path Service Bangladesh is trying to make the topic clear.

What is clipping path?

Clipping path is simply a process to erase or remove the background of a photo.

Suppose, you have an e-commerce website where you sell various types of products. Then, what is the crucial point for your store?

Without any doubt, it is your product’s image. It’s a very common phenomenon when your potential customer comes to your store, they observe the products image at the very first time.

If the products images are not attractive and professional and they can’t create a buying intention, it is pretty difficult to sell your items.

By the Clipping path, you can turn around from this kind of problem confidently. Obviously with a hot look!

How can I create clipping path in photoshop?

Since clipping path refers to the background removal of images but you can’t do it perfectly with the help of automated software. In most of the cases, it is a manual process.

Photoshop is the most powerful image editing software in the world. Most of the professional use Adobe Photoshop for editing purpose.

You can do the simple clipping with the help of pen tool. Using the pen tool is a matter of practice. The more you practice, the more you learn.

Let’s dig the simple process for image clipping in photoshop.

  •  Open your photoshop application and load the desired image that you want to edit.
  •  Make a duplicate of the original copy for security reason.
  •  Then select the pen tool and create an outline on the expected area with the pen tool.
  •  After drawing the complete path around the object, go to the Layers palette >> Paths panel.
  •  Paths panel has own tab, then click on the triangle shaped icon.
  •  You can find it on the top right corner of the panel.
  •  Then, hit the “Save Path”.
  •  Next step, select “Clipping path” from the same drop-down menu. You will find a new dialogue box. Just make sure the path is selected and click ok.
  •  Now, save the clipping path from your photoshop. Then go to the File Menu>>save as. Choose Photoshop PS file to save.
  • You can create clipping by other software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. In that case, the procedure will be different.


What are the Purposes of Clipping Path?

70% business in the world become website based since last five years.

Visual art and graphics are intimately related to every business.

It is amply impossible to create a successful business without the perfect use of images.

Here I will briefly show you the versatile use of visual arts in business to daily life. Let’s roll the ball.

Attractive Outlook:

The main aim of the clipping path is deflecting your ordinary image to a visually attracted and professional one.

You know the first impression is the real fact for your business.

If your images are not catchy, unclear and odd looking the chances of sell will be minimized.

Clipping path is the best solution to remove the background.

Also, you can change the background and make it transparent or create a replacement with a better and matching background.

It will play a significant role in your business whether it is online or offline.

E-commerce website:

Only the owner of an e-commerce site knows the value of the professional product images for his business.

If you have your own business, my suggestion is to be attentive to the product images. You have no idea about how it can boost your business in a short period of time.

For an example, you want to sell something like neckless. But the background of the neckless is chunking.

It will ultimately reduce the attraction of your buyer since the product is valuable and prominent.

Visual graphics:

Branding elements are the x-factor for your business. To create a professional branding element, you must need transparent images.

If you use background containing image, the quality of the entire project will be lost. That’s why you need the perfect background removed the photo for your branding kit.

Colour correction:

During clipping path, you are allowed to change or correct the existing color with a better one. It is called multi masking.

Absolutely it will bring more professionalism to your image and increase the chance of sale also.

Professional photography:

Clipping path is a frequently used term for professional photography. The removal of unwanted background is urgent for a professional look.

You can easily remove the background of your photo with the help of pen tool in photoshop.

Why us?

Clipping Path Service Bangladesh is the combination of a proactive, diligent and professional team member. Our motto is to ensure you the best quality service and your satisfaction.

we follow these steps to ensure the quality-

  •  Taking Order.
  •  Image processing.
  •  Quality assurance by visualization.
  •  Delivery.
  • This filtering process helps you to get the pro-quality delivery.

What about the Delivery process?

We realize the value of your time. As we are a professional team, we are sincere about the contract with our honorable clients.

Generally, we deliver our project within 24 hours. If you need express delivery, then please contact us. We are also available for urgent projects.

What about the Pricing?

Our pricing system is very fair. You will get a reasonable price with high-quality works.

We have a discount offer for the bulk images.

What about communication and revision?

We believe a good mutual communication results a perfect production. Our expert communication team always inform you so that you can know the progress of your project.

You are always welcome to ask any question related to your business.

we are very strict about the quality of work. Normally our clients are happy within the very first delivery.

Even then, you need any modification, you will get the service from us.

Hopefully, you understand the value of clipping path for your growing business.

It would be better to look for clipping path specialist like us for perfect editing of your valuable images. We hope, the journey will be great.

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